What rifle cartridge is the most accurate?

Today, the most inherently accurate factory cartridge is probably the 6, 5 Creedmoor. It's designed for precision above all else, and its heavy, highly aerodynamic bullets resist the wind much better than the small bullets of the. Off the bench, the Switch is one of the most accurate guns we've ever fired. Mine, in 6.5 CM, has turned into numerous groups of bugs, including a.

But it's also a high-precision hunting rifle. At just under 7.5 pounds, it's super portable and practical. But the stock is built like a tank, and with solid support, the rifle really gets there. It's called Switch because you can easily change barrels.

This great brute is not made to crawl into the mountains. With a 26-inch barrel, oversized muzzle brake and sturdy chassis, it reaches the balance with 11 pounds 12 ounces empty. With a 6mm Creedmoor camera, it has the ability to hit targets very far. With Hornady's 108 Grain ELD Match Factory Loads, Shoot.

The details of the cartridge design itself have little to do with real-world accuracy, and there is probably no such thing as an inherently accurate hunting cartridge design. Most hunting cartridges can be very accurate on a good rifle with precisely loaded ammunition, and not so hot on an indifferent rifle with mediocre ammunition. Basically, the capacity of the case determines the inherent accuracy of any given cartridge, other things being the same (such as the rifle). There is no magic hole size, shoulder angle or head diameter that confers a special level of accuracy on any cartridge design.

This can be seen in the extreme precision sport of bench shooting. No cartridge with a magnum case, a standard capacity case (. All top bench cartridges use small capacity cases. The diminutive.

And similarly, because relatively small diameter gauges are best suited for small cases, the gauges of upper bench supports are in. This is not to say that very precise bench rifles have not been manufactured in calibers such as. Let's face it, modern hunting rifles are brilliantly accurate, but they are not the same class as bench rifles. Due to hunting requirements (weight, repeatability of shooting, reliability, etc.

And ammunition for hunting rifle is not, should not and cannot be mass-produced to the same accuracy standards as bench cartridges. For example, winning bench shooters rotate the neck of each box to precisely fit the specific rifle chamber it is intended for. I can speculate on the reasons behind the. On the one hand, the.

On the other hand, the. As for ammunition, it's no secret that. This requires that ammunition be manufactured with a high level of quality control, resulting in uniform ammunition. And again, there is no surplus of military ammunition to degrade the.

There may also be some subjective factors. The. Not only is it one of the most popular hunting cartridges, but it is known to very experienced hunters and those who buy expensive custom-made rifles, people whose opinions respect other shooters. Rifle and ammunition companies are aware of this, and they know that their reputation may depend on the performance of their.

In addition, the. Of all the cartridges discussed here, the 6.5 Creedmoor, in my opinion, is the most intrinsically accurate. I've never met one who doesn't shoot at groups of an MOA, and many of them will cut it in half, even with factory ammunition. The US military decided that the average rifle squadron was more effective at shooting accurately on target with a 5.56mm rifle than the heaviest recoil platforms of 7.62.

That said, there is very little factory ammunition available, and the performance is said to be between the 6.5 Creedmoor and the 6.5 PRC, although having loaded and fired multiple chambered rifles in all of these, I can honestly say that the 6.5 × 284 Standard is generally AT LEAST equal to the People's Republic of China 6.5.Since the basic procedures for competitive rifles and cartridges cannot be followed with rifles and cartridges intended for use in the field, the small advantages (if any) conferred by the special design of the cartridges become irrelevant. Speaking of budget, the Grendel 6.5 has a much higher value in rifle and ammunition costs than the AR-10 caliber class. It is not very practical from the economic point of view for beginners, but for those who carry rifles at close range, it will give them confidence if they are given a rifle with a camera in this cartridge. .


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