Is gun ammo in short supply?

However, if COVID-19 supply chain problems are reduced, retailers can start importing more ammunition to support domestically produced ammunition supplies. He says another reason why there is such a shortage of ammunition is due to the fact that the gun manufacturer Remington went bankrupt. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones are consolidation and high barriers to entry into the industry. Ammunition is difficult to produce, as they require careful manufacturing processes to safely handle explosive materials.

Vista recently bought its competitor Remington from bankruptcy, which reduced the number of companies in the industry that could even build a factory and distribute ammunition effectively. And the capacity limits were explicit. Vista's head of ammunition, Jason R. Vanderbrink, explained that the “most important reason for the Remington acquisition was “adding capacity to Vista without increasing overall market capacity.

270 ammunition gained great popularity among hunters and sports rifle enthusiasts over the following decades and particularly in the post-World War II period, placing it among the most popular big game cartridges. The situation was very similar in Helena, Montana, according to Dave Tobel of Capital Sports, who says his store had little big game or shotgun ammunition in the last hunting season, and the most popular rifle cartridges have been the hardest to keep on shelves. Continued ammunition shortages and increased purchases of ammunition online have led to fake online retail websites.

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