How to make rifle ammo rust?

Standard high-powered ammunition, currently used by any rifle in the game. It offers superior damage, range, accuracy, damage reduction, and air resistance of the pistol bullet. Since it's quick and easy to craft, you should have no problem getting a bow very soon. The wooden arrow is the most basic type of ammo bows they use, and they generally strike a good balance between range and damage.

Keep a lot of arrows handy while hunting, but avoid using them if you want to engage in a fight with another player. The only caveat is that they will wear out a weapon fairly quickly, so make sure you have a spare assault rifle with plenty of other types of 5.56 ammunition. If you fall from long distances without being able to fire a shot, you should definitely invest in ammunition for high-speed rifles. You can find explosive 5.56 rifle ammunition in many types of boxes or as NPC loot in monuments of higher levels.

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