How to get rifle ammo in dying light?

Ammunition usually has a rare rarity, but can be found in police vans and shops to buy once the player reaches Survivor Rank 9 or higher. You can easily find ammunition in police cars and (if you play follow them) in military posts. I don't think you can make any ammunition other than subsonic. Ammo, as I mentioned, you won't be able to buy it until later in the game.

So also keep in mind that you need to move just outside the perimeter of the tower for that guy to respond to the end of the video as well. I want to show that once his ammo is full, there is a problem where if you drop the gun and then pick it up, it will actually drop ammunition for you, so you can continue to farm ammunition that way anyway. If you liked the video, leave a like, otherwise we'll see it in the next video. Thank you for viewing all articles on the topic Dying Light: how to get the police rifle early, unlimited ammunition.

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